Welcome to Eager Kids Montessori

We are a Montessori Preschool with the main mission of making children confident, compassionate, happy, calm, purposeful, free and independent; children who are excited about life and learning, who have ideas and are able to communicate them. Our goal is simple yet profound; We aim at making happy children who will be better people tomorrow. Our children are from ages 2.5 to 6 years. We offer the entire Montessori curriculum and we truly believe in the Montessori philosophy. We also offer Hindi as a second language and we make use of the Montessori way to teach it which is a dynamic and complete approach to the enrichment of young children and as such represents the very best that a school can give during their formative years.

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Call + +65 91010785 (after 2:30 p.m.) or email us at info@eagerkidsmontessori.com
We also started the first Montessori Elementary school in Singapore